Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Boulevard's September Fall Fashion

As the proud employee of The Boulevard magazine, I have the opportunity to play many roles in the magazine.  Having a great enthusiasm for photography (being that it is what I went to Rutgers for), I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to plan, execute and layout a fall fashion shoot.  With a few gorgeous friend at my beck and call: Tara, Lica, Kristine and Shoshana.  The shoot was amazing and quite successful.  Shot on location at the Nassau County Museum of Art, with the sculpture garden as the backdrop, we put together an amazing layout of the coolest, trendiest and stylish fall ensembles.
Check out "A Day at the Museum" on The Boulevard.

JLee Silver Dress, $205; Pura Lopez OTK, $635; UGG Satchel, $228;
Olia necklace, $202; Kevia pendant, $213, stackable bangles, $88 each,
and bracelet, $188
Kristine's Look:
OTK boots are everywhere this season, Pura Lopez created a beautiful suede boot in taupe. Chuckies, 718.376.1003/ www.puralopez.com
Nature-inspired jewelry have popped up since the beginning of summer and are not going away any time soon.  Olia  and Kevia created some ornate pieces. www.oliadesigns.com, www.kevia.biz
Ladylike Totes are a fall must, this oversized tote from UGG Equestrian Convertible Satchel in Luggage will be a classic staple in your fall wardrobe that will last forever. www.uggaustralia.com

Shoshana's Look:
Booties, Booties, Booties are available in every color, in every style.  Bottega Veneta suede cashmere wedge booties in Billiard are the essential most-wanted luxury boots. They will style well with military trends, camel coats or even the avator fashion trends. http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/en/shop-products/Womens/designer-shoes/billiard-suede-cashmere-wedge-bootie_243980V0240.html#size=37qCL;color=3006
Harem Pants was a hot summer item and works into the early fall.  They are super comfortable but can be played up dress as in this look. Juicy Couture Bird Cashmere Harem pants in Guginette grey, $249.99
Fitted Jacket have been big all year and I would recommend getting them in basic colors, they are not going anywhere any time soon. Juicy Couture Structured Blazer in White, $279.99

Our model here, Shoshana, was also our fashion stylist.  Take a look at her unique fashion blog, frockedgnu.blogspot.com

Tara's Look:
Shearling Vest is a transitional piece that works for both fall and winter this season.  Elie Tahari created the Donna Vest, a suede vest lined in shearling. www.elietahari.com, $1598
Motorcycle Boots make any outfit a little more rock n' roll and rough around the edges.  Jimmy Choo's Course Metal Biker Boots are the most luxurious motorcycle boots you can get, the inside is lined in shearling.  The beauty in these boots is the metallic finish on them.  I have seen them at Saks in the black leather and they do not compare to these. www.jimmychoo.com, $1050
Leather shorts another summer/fall transitional piece that works well when paired with textured tights. Juicy Couture Bird Butter leather shorts in black, www.juicycouture.com, $448
Boyfriend Shirt by Donna Karan looks good with anything that's in season this fall and winter.  Paired here with the fashionable shearling vest but can also work with a chunky knit sweater or underneath a Boyfriend jacket or with a ladylike full skirt.  www.donnakaran.com, $395

Lica's Look:
Bold Colors were seen on the runway for fall.  We decide to combine a bold red dress by Tulle with a bold purple pumps to create a modern fun look.
Tulle Puffy Sleeve Zip Dress in Hibiscus is very affordable at only $68, coordinated with the Jinny Kim Effel Purple pumps, $259
Fringed Tote plays down the bold colors to bring the outfit to a more sophisticated level.  UGG Fringed Tote in Dark Grey, $298

Sanctuary T

So I'm doing an article for The Boulevard magazine on this place.  It's really quite special.  www.sanctuaryt.com
Take a look at their website, but further more, check out the restaurant.  I got a chance to experience their Food & Tea Pairing - life altering moment.  Who knew tea could be so complex.  Tea is life a fine wine if you think about it.  Same complex flavors are dependent of the soil, the air, the picker, the grower and how its aged.  My favorite tea by far is the Rooibos Chai.  Can't seem to find the same complexity anywhere else (I tried, Starbucks' teas are just not cutting it anymore).  The Rooibos, "red tea", means "red bush" in Africa.  The plant is indigenous to South Africa and is part of the legume family.  The leaves are oxidized to produce a reddish-brown color.  Rooibos is a naturally sweet tea, best without any sugar, which if you are a true fan of teas, I recommend trying them without any sweetener or milk.  Rooibos lacks any caffeine and is high in antioxidants and flavanols.  It's great at the end of the meal, which is how I experienced it.  The Rooibos Chai (blended with indian spices of cardamon, cloves, cinnamon bark, nutmeg) was paired with a Tea-infused Coffee ice cream and chocolate brownie.  The combination of tea, ice cream and brownie reminded me of a piece of toffee candy.

If you don't have the time to get to the restaurant, visit the shop www.shopsanctuaryt.com/
I recommend trying their T Sampler kit.  It comes equipped with most popular flavors for the end of summer treats: Watermelon (I tried this as a cold-brewed tea, great as a watermelon-lemonade mocktail), Red Moon, Geisha Beauty, Spring Harvest and Serenity.

Let me know what you think?